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Ask us to design your website, with the latest usability and mobile standards.


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It doesn't matter what you need, Drupal can do it, and we can do it for Drupal.


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Need a custom module for your CMS? Get it here.


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We make sure your website is online 24/7, loads fast, and is free of security risks.


If you're looking for the ultimate Hotel Management System, your search has ended!

Recent Projects

Pension Omorfi Poli

family pension in Nafplio

Sook Board Family

surf, snowboard, skate-board

Anisa Sojka

personal blog

Arte Cinematica

photography & cinematography


Broken UTF-8 encoding for Greek characters? Here is a solution in PHP.

Most of us have been in this situation. You get an old database export, which needs to be re-imported to a new system, and you find out that its Greek encoding is completely messed up!

Nokia QT: Is it really portable?

Of course it is! But, what does that mean? What IS really the meaning of portable? Surely, it cannot just be the fact that you can compile the same code without compiler errors, on 2 different platforms. No. It isnt as portable as we would hope.

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